Feb 22, 2010

60th Annual Sacramento Autorama

Well for the first time I was on the other side of things and entered a few of my bikes into the Bike-O-Rama room at the 60th Annual Sacramento Autorama. The Orange Sickle took 2 awards Best Pinstriping and 2nd place
Trophy for Full Custom.

The Penny Racer took a 2nd place trophy for Mild Custom. Both the Southsyde Cycle (Full Custom) and Cherry Mary (Suede class) received participant plaques (3rd place)

Jan 12, 2010

Board Tracker

Still not sure what the make of this bike is..... here's a few pics before the motor project starts. Perfect patina on this one.

Dec 28, 2009

The Wide One.....

Here's a 3" wide wheel from Choppers US. I just laced it up for a project that I'm building for a friend. Stay tuned for more pics of the project.....

Dec 21, 2009

Merry Christmas

What says Merry Christmas better than a custom built beach cruiser bicycle? Well that's what a previous customer wanted to do for her Mom. This was a quick build (1 week) I had a freshly powder coated white Electra frame with all the trimmings in stock. The bike has aluminum rims since it's new home will be in Santa Cruz the home of rusted beach cruiser bikes.

Southsyde Cycles Shop Pic....

Here's a picture of a few shop projects. The Satin Black Fixed Gear Schwinn sitting on the fab table was just built as a demo and the Copper Schwinn Board Track inspired bike will probably be another motorized bike project as well. I'll post more pics of these builds soon.

Behind Bars Inc. Bicycle Show

Here's a video from the Behind Bars Inc. Bicycle Show at the Cow Palace in San Francisco

Oct 7, 2009

The Frame Dragger

This bike started as an Electra "Rat Fink" but that changed after it was cut in half. These bikes are some of the most comfortable bikes to ride so I didn't want to mess with the riding geometry so I kept the bottom bracket, and seat close to the stock position. The bike was cut 6" in front of the seat and right after the bottom bracket. I had tubing bent the way I envisioned it and went to work. I wanted this bike as low as possible but still ridable. I welded up the complete back half and then metal finished it so I could get it powder coated. The bike has 26" Quikspeed Billet wheels, Rockwerks cranks, Shimano disc brake, Aluminum Robinson BMX bars and front forks came from a West Coast Chopper bike. This bike's first ride was the San Jose Bike Partie's October ride (23 miles)... these bikes aren't just for show.

The "Debutante"

This is a 20" Roadmaster Debutante, I rebuilt this bike in 2 weeks. It was done for a family friend and given as a suprise wedding present. This bike was painted so we tried to match the color as close to the stock paint as close as possible (Thanks Sturken Autobody). Installed some fresh white walls, white grips, new pedals, chrome fenders, and it was ready for another 30 years of wheelies and skidouts (tires permitting).

Long Beach Cycle Swap July 2009

This is one of the best Bicycle/Motorcycle swap meets on the West Coast. Took a trip down there and came back with a ton of parts.

San Jose Bike Party July 2009

Blacked out Electra

This bike was built for my wife's friend Erin. She was easy and just said "Make it all black" So I mocked the bike up made sure it was good to go and then sent it all off to Zenitram for powder coat. The wheels were hand built by me, seat and grips were factory Electra, Kruzer King triple tree front fork, Electra black wall tires and the last detail added was her last name on the chain gaurd and intials on the front fender cut out of vinyl.

The Silver Bullet... well not quite.

This bike is a "Schwinn Ruler" which is a newer Aluminum frame Schwinn cruiser. I kept this one simple, the bike was orginally orange so I pulled it apart and it was powder coated Silver by Zenitram Powder Coatings and put back together.

San Jose Bike Party June 2009

Bike Party May 2009


The Heartbreaker was an idea that my customer Jenn came up with. My job was to find a bike to start with and make her concept a reality. I found a Dyno Von Franco on Craigslist which of course was an adventure in itself . The bike had seen better days and doesn't suprise me after seeing the yard it sat in. I pulled the bike part including the rims, then dropped off everything to be powder coated satin black over at Zenitram. I assembled it, then took it over to Gene at Worth Works for him to add some lines and of course "Heartbreaker" on the chain guard.

Pass the Salt & Pepper....

This is Jarred's Dyno Roadster, he came up with the color scheme and I did all the disassembly/reassembly. The frame was predrilled for the addition of a 3 speed hub so that way I can run the cables through the frame. We've got more plans for this bike so stay tuned.

Ride SFO Expo November 2008

Loaded up the Southsyde hauler and drove out to the Cow Palace for the Ride SFO Bike Expo. Brought a few bikes to show/sell and ton of vintage parts. It was a huge turnout, I was one of the select few selling vintage Schwinn parts so I was busy all day.

Sep 30, 2009

Electra Suzy Q

We traded my wives Dyno Kosmopalitan for this bike.... it's an Electra Suzy Q. 24 X 3" wheels front and rear. This bike got sold as well.

Another Christmas Bike....December 2005

This was just a quick build for a Christmas present. The Schwinn frame was powered gloss black, bought some new chrome goodies and it was ready to be wrapped and put under the tree.

1966 Schwinn Stingray Deluxe

Another Craigslist find. This is a good rider. I just need the correct 1966 Sissy bar.

Schwinn Cycle Truck Project

This was part of the Schwinn collection I bought. I'd like to restore this to new again. These are really cool bikes.

Gotta Love Craigslist... October 2005

I came across an ad posted on the Sacramento Craigslist page that read "Schwinn parts for sale" So
after a few phone calls and emailed pictures I knew this was a deal to good to pass up. I brought Chuck for Bicycle Express along with me for his knowledge of old Schwinn's. It was a long day but well worth the time. We filled Chuck's entire 21ft car trailer, his Tundra bed and even the extra cab was filled with parts.

Going Green again... October 2005

A fellow cruiser enthusiast from Florida saw the article in Lowrider Bicycle Magazine and contacted me. The customer wanted exactly what the green Schwinn looked like in the magazine... so 2 weeks later I shipped him the built bike.

INTERBIKE September 2005

I was lucky enough to attend INTERBIKE check out the pics.

The Taboo Tiki

This was the bike I always wanted.... saw it on craigslist and 20 minutes laster I was on my way to Fremont to pick it up. The bike had some very minor flaws and for that I let it go and it was one of my biggest regrets ever! I will own another one.

Behind Bars Inc. Bike Show July 2005

This was a packed event. We hosted a small swapmeet before the show, a ton of bikes and spectators showed up to support the event. We gave away some killer awards, raffled off an Electra Straight 8 donated by Wheel Away in Campbell.